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We at ‘Vanamali Services Software Solutions’ are keen to be associated with any one caring for quality and in our delivering the ultimate solutions that will underwrite, beyond compare, the value of their investments – money and time.

We develop Software tools and Services that are predominantly web centric. We leverage the latest state of art technology and frameworks to build robust, secure and scalable applications to help our clients derive maximum value.

We have a dedicated R&D team and prominent subject matter experts on our panel to drive our product development and enhancements. We employ the best of minds and are well versed in dynamic, collaborative and agile development methodologies to ensure that we stay with the world and render our services the way the world wants it today.

We have handled simple and complex projects with success. We have genuine relationship with our clients of different cultures who have reposed confidence in us owing to our approach.


The promoter, responsible for the domain content of the products / services, has been engaged as a functional head of a religious and charitable organisation of repute in Chennai since 1998.

This has been a source of inspiration to develop a reminder service RAPPORT and a web based tool FAST.


To be of consequence to the welfare of our society with traditional values.

Propagate these values to our society:

» By means products and services that imparts traditional values.

» Deliver only what we can own and be accountable to our Society.


» Upkeep of our Rich and Valuable Indian Traditional Practices.

» Blend fusion between Tradition and Technology.

» Facilitate posterity to stay abreast with our culture through means, language and communication modes that they are comfortable with.


To cover the SampradhAyams practiced by the other cross section of our enlightened communities across our PuNya Bhoomi.


The subject handled by us is most sought after by one and all.

The younger generations in particular.

Utmost efforts taken to address to the stipulations as per SAsthra NirNayam.

To the extent possible regional practices have also been highlighted.

Perhaps we are meeting the needs in tune with what is vogue.

Huge gaps are bound to be there.


Would be grateful to everyone who will correct us on merits and authentic references.